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Issues Identified

While intensifying the social engagement, the real backdrop was its lack of interaction with the audiences. Since there were many burger shops around Victoria, it was challenging to find this epic burger food truck. People often overlook the food trailer as there isn’t enough space to sit, or the food is often inferior in quality compared to posh restaurants. On top of that, the owner wanted to gain the attention not just only from the local community – which is easy to reach out to by miking, but rather the owner wanted us to target the epicurean people to come from any side of the vicinity.

Procedure Commencement

We initially targeted social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, where customers deep dive to see any new restaurants offering new cuisine or discounts. They are the best place to organically and inorganically promote the new restaurants. Our SEO experts focus on social media by posting appealing copywriting posts to attract customers. They also focused on Google Maps to ensure that people can find out the restaurant’s destination when they tap on the map.


This local SEO technique allows many customers to know about this restaurant. In fact, they made the call, asked for the mapping destinations, and finally made their way to the restaurant. Our way of promoting the branding was so unique that the people also got the Burger Temptation just by typing its name on Google, and the rest is the history.


Burger Temptation Facebook Follower Growth

(August to December 2021)

From 1st Dec 2021 to 8th Jan 2022, both Facebook and Instagram have witnessed an upward trend by 51.2% and 14.1%, respectively. In fact, 6 social media posts have made a record of reaching the maximum number of people in such a short period. Surprisingly, we didn’t have to force the owner of Burger Temptation to spend any extra penny on promoting these 6 campaigns as they are all organic. Let’s see more of them below;

Burger Temptation Facebook Follower Growth

(August to December 2021)

From the image, the keyword-optimized by our master SEO experts helped the customers find their desired restaurants like Burger Temptation. We put the trap using various trendy keywords related to burgers in such ways that customers on their finding the burger shops will get this shop’s name appearing on social media or Google search. This represents the blue section, dominating the chart in a month’s figure. On top of that, the direct search is no short of an astonishing figure, represented by the green one whereby the customers get this shop by directly typing its name or address as the brand has already reached out to the people from the above method. The yellow one has just started as this is the paid campaign. Its ratio is less as we mentioned earlier that we don’t like our clients to spend excess unnecessarily unless required.

Also, the local search for Burger Temptation through Google has reached nearly 4000, whereas the local maps allowed approx. 11,000 customers find the shop, which is remarkable growth for a given month.

In just a month, 110 people visited the burger trailer after discovering them on the map. Besides, 138 people used the map to use various routes to navigate towards the shop. Not only that, but also 142 people called straight from the number provided on the map. This actually shows how people were influenced by our active monitoring and organization of the Burger Temptation’s social interaction.

The footprint left by the customers at the restaurant proves how good your shop is; Burger Temptation proved all alone. If you look at the photo, our posted high-quality technical photos of the restaurant brought all the customers who had also uploaded their photos, which is three times as high as ours. It means that our tiny yet socially engaging photos have brought in large audiences – who liked our food and later decided to post them. It indeed is a positive sign.

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