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Optimus Education has been one of the most loyal and prime clients since the beginning of our journey. They have been with us for a very long time – of course for a reason – a reason that they wished to become standalone out of the other competitors. Since there are thousands of education consultancy firms in Bangladesh, allowing Optimus to stay ahead of the competition wasn’t a cup of tea, given that the pandemic had already impeded the foreign education system. Also, some of the firms are already prominent and more trustworthy than the new ones.
We also discovered that SEO was very poor both on social media as well as the website. The content was very mediocre, and the company relied more on the AI-based system to generate the writing. Indeed, the ad strategy had never been applied, and in no search result, the Optimus education was ever found. The copywriting strategy was never up to the mark; the students and the enthusiasts had never found the course or university listing ever appealing. The advertisement banner and information were more similar to the other consultancy firms’ posts. This is where we wanted to achieve our goal.

Procedure Commencement

As promised, we first started with the social media post. We ensured that our copywriting post had appealing and catchy keywords to draw the clients’ attention. We explained all the procedures in the caption section above the photo text so that the clients knew everything beforehand. This makes the clients already informed of what they will ask our counsellor while having the free consultation. The reasons we disclose most of the information on social media are because we want to be transparent, gain trust and help the candidates ask the counsellor the right question without rambling. Most consultancy firms tend to keep it hidden or leave for the paid consultation, but to Optimus Education and us, it seems wrong and malpractice.
We then want Optimus Education to gain widespread recognition. As aforementioned, reaching out to a large number of candidates is not a no-brainer task. You either need a lot of fan base on Facebook or Instagram beforehand or use the paid-ad strategy to generate a lot of leads. Not everyone has the guts or knowledge to run the paid campaign cause any wrong move will cost you more money yet bring less or no leads at all. People will end up clicking on your link but not giving you any leads at all. That’s why our paid-ad campaign strategist subtly sets the strategy so that the ad becomes catchy, students get attracted, free consultation forces them to meet, and your final leads turn into conversion without swindling too much money out of your pocket.


In just more than a month, our 6 paid campaigns in various forms have managed to garner 200K reach through we had received over thousands of leads. Our conversion rate was a success with over 10%. We enrolled hundreds of students from mid-2021 till now. Facebook made a spike up to 887.1% reach, whereas Instagram up to 94.3%.

We utilised Google Analytics to observe the growth of the new and the returning audiences. It revealed that 89.2% of the visitors were absolutely new to the site. We assume, or we should say that by dint of our supreme process of SEO optimization, our site has got these many visitors. In fact, 10.8% of the visitors were the returning ones who either found our site meaningful and helpful, or our retargeting and remarketing have helped them be traced to return to the site to accept our service.

Whenever we led the paid campaign, we have had the highest lead success rate of up to 52%. The social engagement was almost 44.2%, both via paid and unpaid social media campaigns, and the organic search was no short of an outstanding figure.

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