Let Our Quest Begins From An Awareness Level

This stage of the funnel starts with searching for the audiences and building them ready for your businesses. By creating awareness amongst them, they will learn more about your products or services. Since 90-93% of the people haven’t heard of your brand or business at this level, it will create a temporary reluctance in them to get attracted to your business. Yet we plan to pass your information to your targeted audiences through various social media posts and video content, primarily through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Since only a handful of people can be reached within the capacity, it is worth investing in the paid ad campaign to globally reach out to the audiences as we have the expertise to convert your 90% audiences to your 2% targeted audiences.

Grow Interest In product-Service Hybrids

Most digital marketing strategies fail in this stage no matter how robust or distinctive the strategies are; it is a simple stage but fails due to a lack of attention. As your targeted consumers begin to grow faith in you after successfully passing the first stage, they will mostly get diverted by getting the same monotonous marketing ads, sales strategy, or lack of properly-utilized content. In contrast, we assure that unless we glue your targeted audiences to your service or product, we will follow the ad-hoc yet the most up to date strategy, such as making the relevant ad copies, relevant social media ads, creating a fusion between pioneering concept and digitalization in the promotional content, etc. It will keep them engaged with your product and serve the motto of your business.

Lead Audiences To The Consideration

Here, our main objective is to keep the audiences engaged with our regular promoting campaigns. These campaigns will be focused more on the customers’ needs and demands. We will no longer continue to update social media posts that are raw and suitable for introductory phases. Instead, we will offer discounts, promotional offers, new product launching updates, and send various other tiny activities, such as sending the newsletter, brochure, emails, etc. Since your business clients will be looking for variations and newness, they can likely opt out of your product or service if they find the alternative or better offer elsewhere. Hence, any action taken at this stage should be solely audience-oriented.

Finally, Sell The Solution

This is the easiest part of all. We have gained you the customers; now it’s time to make them adhere to the marketing strategy. This is the level where your targeted audiences have already built good trust in you. Whatever you do in terms of marketing, they will follow, and they are bound to follow as they know your business is the ultimate destination in their lives. However, we will always want to ensure that the remaining audiences don’t get out of your grip. We will narrow our strategy by a tad and run more relevant and luring campaigns, such as VIP access for the premium customers, more coupons and discounts for the regular customers, or point system for more purchase, etc.

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